Tasting of Typical Products


Tasting of Typical Products

A thoughtful way to sample some local dishes, the best of our Tuscan culinary tradition, is undoubtedly to participate in a tasting at our restaurant.

It consists of a rich tasting of zero-kilometer delicacies, of peasant nature: accompanied by a Sangiovese red wine, we will serve an appropriate selection of organic cheeses and cured meats from Fattoria Lischeto to be enjoyed on rustic wooden boards.

Our staff is at your disposal for guided tastings usually led by our owner Giovanni and accompanied by a selection of red or white wines from the Tuscan region

Degustazione Luxury

Degustazione speciale di prodotti locali, con le specialità della fattoria accompagnate dai nostri “Pici Cacio e Pepe” serviti in forma.

€ 50.00

Ricca Degustazione Contadina XL

Degustazione completa (light lunch) con l’aggiunta di un primo piatto
(acqua e vino compresi)

€ 35.00

Ricca Degustazione Contadina

Degustazione completa (light lunch)
(acqua e vino compresi)

€ 25.00

You can purchase sheep and cow cheeses, yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, honey, fresh pasta, and other food products from other selected companies in the area.

Furthermore, you can have products from our catalog (download the catalog in PDF format) shipped directly to your home by filling out the following form.

The sale is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM continuously. Come visit us!

You can choose the fresh and delicate flavor of Pecorino degli Sposi, or the Rosso Volterrano, aged for two months, fragrant and intense, treated on the surface with tomato concentrate and extra virgin olive oil.

Alternatively, the characteristic Balze Volterrane, made with raw milk and wild artichoke rennet, excellent with dessert wine.

To the Maschio Volterrano, aged for 180 days, delicate and spicy, and the sumptuous Cacio del Monsignore, made with raw milk, aged for one year under spelt in barrels, perfect with great Tuscan reds.

And then Ricotta, Raveggiolo, Baccellone, Tomini.

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