Contemplations of Art

fattoria lischeto

Contemplations of Art

At Fattoria Lischeto’s properties, numerous landscape monuments can be found; over the years, international artists have chosen these charming places to enhance their creativity while respecting the surrounding nature.

However, this type of art does not find completeness in its installation alone but relies on the contribution of visitors and their photography to document and disseminate the work, a message, or a personal sentiment. They thus become sets capable of expressing new artistic expressions each time.

Mauro Staccioli

As you take the turn towards Fattoria Lischeto, the first artwork you will see is a sculptural sign in the shape of an inverted V.

A red triangle made of corten steel that forms a portal, a place of entry into another dimension, namely that of the more rustic Tuscany, permeated by hills, animals, traditional customs, and extraordinary landscapes.

This is a work by Mauro Staccioli, a native sculptor of Volterra recognized worldwide for his minimalist and geometric works such as this one.

Emilie Cummings

“Equanimity” is the symbol of balance and inner strength. Constructed in the shape of an inverted question mark, the sculpture is a playful way to express the questions and answers that arise in the search for serenity throughout existence.

For the creation of this new work, Emilie Cummings has chosen the method of crowdfunding, as a representative sign of the shared symbolism of serenity and the public function of landscape art.

Destroy Be

“Terra di Toscana” covers the opposite slope to that of Equanimity, towering over the valley with mysterious monoliths.

It’s a curious post-apocalyptic circular ritual area marked by urban decay masterfully crafted by the artistic hand of Dominique Breuillion, better known as Destro Be.

The imagery of a lost civilization thus created merges with the stark vision of the surrounding countryside used for sheep grazing.

A spiritual place, a link between what man will be tomorrow and what nature is today.

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