Between Yin and Yang

Between Yin and Yang

Fattoria Lischeto has expanded its tourism offering: while maintaining all the rustic charm and preserving the beauty of nature, we now provide small wellness areas for yoga classes.

Specifically for yoga enthusiasts, we have organized this course to experience a vacation in nature and to focus on this ancient practice, in order to regain our balance.

By reservation every Saturday, from 6:30 PM for a minimum of three people. Greet the sun surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes.

Mindful walking, Yoga, and Meditation are highly sought-after practices at Fattoria Lischeto.

They are disciplines based on posture, breath, and mindfulness of the mind with the primary focus on listening to Nature.

We connect with sounds, near and far, listening to them without judgment, whatever sound comes; we listen to touch, the air on the skin, or the warmth of the sun, or even the insects that land and pass by; we listen to scents, smells, any taste in the mouth, and observe the landscape, immersing ourselves fully in it.

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