Mindful walking, Yoga and Meditation are very popular at the Lischeto Farm. Disciplines based on posture, breathing, mindfulness and  connecting to Nature. A focus on non judgemental listening to whatever sounds can be heard, near or far; Bringing your awareness to the sensations of touch – the air on your skin, the heat of the sun, the insects that surround you and those that land on your skin; savour the aromas, the smells, the taste in your mouth and observe the landscape totally immersing yourself within it.

Around Equanimity

Carefully preserving the rustic charm and the beauty of the grounds, the Lischeto farm has created small wellness areas for yoga classes for  our guests. The farm offers classes for yoga enthusiasts who wish to experience a peaceful rural environment and focus on an ancient practice to find inner balance. Reservation is required for the yoga lessons that take place every Saturday at 18.30 for a minimum of 3 people. Sun salutations surrounded by nature and spectacular views.

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