Land Art

There are numerous sculptures strategically placed on the Lischeto Farm land. Over the years international artists have specifically chosen this location to exibit their work in harmony with the surrounding countryside. Land art is not simply an installation but is enhanced by the contribution of the observer whose photography and appreciation, comments and feelings endorse and promote the work of art. The sculpture then becomes interactive, a backdrop to elaborate new artistic expressions.

Mauro Staccioli

As you turn onto the road leading to the Lischeto Farm, the first work of art is a sculptural sign in the shape of an inverted V. A red triangle that spans the road,  the entrance to another dimension that of rural Tuscany permeated by gentle rolling hills, animals, traditional customs and spectacular panoramic views. This work of art is by Mauro Staccioli, a world acclaimed sculptor from Volterra known for his minimal geometric works of art.

Emilie Cummings

Equanimity symbolises balance and inner strength. Sculptured in the form of an inverted question mark, this work of art playfully embodies the questions and answers that arise in the search for composure in the course of existence. Emilie Cummings specifically chose to raise the funds for this project through crowdfunding, a symbolic gesture of sharing composure and the importance of the interactive public role in Land Art.

Destroy Be

Terra di Toscana, installed on the top of a hill opposite the Equaminity sculpture, is a group of mysterious monoliths. A curious post apocalyptic ritual circle featuring the imprint of urban decay, masterfully created by Dominique Breuillon, better known as Destroy Be. The imagery of a lost civilization juxtaposed by the vision of the sun burnt surrounding pastures where the sheep graze. A sacred place, a link between the future of mankind and what nature is today.