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Educational Farm

The visit to Fattoria Lischeto is conducted directly by the company’s staff.

In this experience, we will provide general agricultural information with descriptions of farming techniques related to sheep farming and the morphological nature of the land.

Next, we will visit the company’s dairy with an in-depth look at cheese production and aging, highlighting the differences between organic and non-organic products.

Finally, we will visit the sheep farm, providing explanations of milking and milk collection.

The cheese-making activity began in 1990. The processing is artisanal, and we have maintained and developed the tradition of typical flavors of Tuscan pastoralism.

We usually work with the milk from our sheep, strictly respecting the “dry” periods. This is why some of our cheeses are not always available.

We also produce Pecorino cheeses made from raw milk, not thermally treated, as in the age-old tradition of pastoralism: cheeses that are difficult to work with, now rare to taste, but with an unmistakable flavor, a wonderful synthesis of technological rigor and ancient knowledge.

You can purchase sheep and cow cheeses, yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, honey, fresh pasta, and other food products from other selected companies in the area.

Additionally, you can have products from our catalog (download the catalog in PDF format) shipped directly to your home by filling out the following form:

Sales are open to the public from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM continuously. Come visit us!

You can choose the fresh and delicate flavor of Pecorino degli Sposi, or the Rosso Volterrano, aged for two months, fragrant and intense, treated on the surface with tomato concentrate and extra virgin olive oil.

Alternatively, the characteristic Balze Volterrane, made with raw milk and wild artichoke rennet, excellent with dessert wine.

To the Maschio Volterrano, aged for 180 days, delicate and spicy, and the sumptuous Cacio del Monsignore, made with raw milk, aged for one year under spelt in barrels, perfect with great Tuscan reds.

And then Ricotta, Raveggiolo, Baccellone, Tomini.

“Volterra is famous worldwide for its history as an Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance city; for its unique landscape of cliffs, badlands, and terraced ravines; for its traditional alabaster craftsmanship in artisan workshops. It is within this context of an open territory and cultural heritage that my livestock company operates in Lischeto, where I practice the new but ancient profession of cheese making.

My activity began in 1991, leveraging the experience and traditional knowledge in the field of pastoralism of the family members who were and are closest to me.

Speaking with them, over a good glass of wine by the fire, or in the shade of an elm tree in front of the house, I learned how to measure the ingredients in the milk, how to calculate the aging time of the cheese wheels, what differences exist between Sardinian and Tuscan pastoralism; what ancient secrets needed to be known to obtain unique flavors and aromas. These were the essential elements to characterize my products in terms of quality, facing a market that impoverishes the most authentic and healthy activities. I chose to adopt the complete biological cycle of processing: sowing and harvesting forage, selective breeding, which together with the climate, the land, and the artisanal production process, affect the final quality of the cheeses, just as for other aspects and other places for meat, wine, and oil.

From the original qualities of products: pecorino, ricotta, raveggiolo, today I am able to offer different and original cheeses resulting from my research and the recovery of ancient recipes.

All this has allowed me to expand my market, to make the products of my company known and sold in specialized shops in various parts of the world.”

  • Giovanni Cannas Producer

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