Hospitality at the holiday farm

The Lischeto farmstead offers traditional Tuscan hospitality, a friendly environment and comfortably restored accommodation. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday or weekend break in the accommodation of your choice:

Double Room

Double Room XL

Two room apartments for 3 persons

Two room apartments for 4 persons

The Swimming Pool

During the warm season you can enjoy a luxurious dip in the pool that offers a spectacular view of the hills of Volterra.  The pool is located in an isolated area of the farmstead and nearby restaurant shaded by a row of pine trees. A peaceful oasis to sunbathe and languish on the sun beds or hammocks. The 6 by 12 metre swimming pool also offers a small open- air bar for a delightful aperitif at sunset. This is an ideal area for organizing events such as weddings and ceremonies.

Breakfast and Restaurant

The restaurant  is located on the ground floor  in one of the renovated farm buildings that dates back to the end of the 19th century.  There are two dining areas which can accommodate up to a hundred people. The traditional rustic farmhouse atmosphere provides a cosy, convivial environment with long tables (unless  you have specific requirements) to enjoy a meal  all together, ideal for  a group of friends or simply to make new acquaintances.  We serve  authentic home cooked meals, a blend of classical Tuscan and Sardinian recipes in keeping with traditional farmhouse cooking.

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You can choose the creamy texture and delicate aroma of the Pecorino degli Sposi, the fragrantly intense aroma of  the Rosso Volterrano,  the rind is brushed with tomato concentrate and extra virgin olive oil and aged for two months; the traditional Balze Volterrane made with raw milk and thistle rennet, excellent combined with Passito;the delicate and spicy Maschio Volterrano aged for 180 days, Cacio del Monsignore made with raw milk and ripened with spelt in oak barrels,excellent with a glass of fine Tuscan red wine. Ricotta, Raveggiolo, Baccellone and Tomini.