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The Volterra tastes in Milan: organic cheeses of Lischeto in the restaurant’s 100% organic Biocucina menu.


There are also cheeses of fattoria Lischeto in Volterra included in biological products selected from the restaurant in Milan Biocucina for its 100% organic and Mediterranean menu.

Open seven days a week, from breakfast, the restaurant is located inside the Park De Castillia – in the new district Isola Porta Nuova – right below the towers of the skyscraper Bosco Verticale, masterpiece of architecture dedicated to “Biodiversity” (and winner numerous international awards for the most innovative skyscraper in the world), in a context that is so absolutely in line with its eco-friendly philosophy. Biocucina proposes Mediterranean tastes, for those who like to “feed” and not just eat, choosing and using only high quality raw materials, only organic and certified according to the EU regulation by CCPB – certification body and control of food products and “no food “obtained in the field of organic and eco-sustainable production.

The organic Lischeto pecorino cheese , with their taste and unique flavor, contribute every day to the creation of genuine and balanced recipes proposals for lunch and dinner, bringing a bit of Tuscany in Milan and Volterra.

Thanks to the genuine passion that Giovanni (owner of Fattoria Lischeto) and Corrado (owner of Bio.It) have for organic food and authentic cuisine and also from the heart, Volterra and Milan are closer than you might think.

The Fattoria Lischeto and Biocucina are in perfect harmony and share the same corporate values: to continue the family traditions, ensure the quality of the entire production chain, proposing only recipes in harmony with the seasons, offering not only good products but the stories of the territories and producers behind it, and not just a place to eat, but a warm and convivial place, where healthy food and human relations coexist in total harmony and naturalness.

The Lischeto cheese await you in Milan at the restaurant Bio.It Biocucina

Isola Porta Nuova -via F. Confalonieri 8

under the towers of the Bosco Verticale

Tel +39 02 36798430